Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drama Queens and germs.,

As most of you know, I'm a mom, and I have 3 girls, all nicknamed Fred.

Some of you know that my girls are adhd (fancy that, my kids being hyper) and some of you know that besides their actual names, and Fred, I also call them The Instigator, The Agitator, and The Arguer.

The instigator would be my oldest. She's 16 and just loves to stir thing up so she can sit back to watch. (a little more of her father showing there). We also call her Lord Marshall because she likes to be in charge when not being Machiavelli.

The Arguer is the youngest. She's 8, and I swear, if I said the sky was blue she'd argue that it was really more of a dove grey... She's my high strung one, the one I also call Norma, after Norma Desmond, and she's normally the drama queen, although since she's usually the unwilling pawn of her sisters, I can understand why. She's also my pokey one. I'm forever barking at her to pick up the pace because we're always waiting on her.

The Agitator is my dd2, she's 11 and funny enough, she's my quiet one, when not tormenting her sisters or making us laugh with her quick wit that is. She's also the most easy going of the three. She wakes up pleasant, and gets out of bed without trouble when I call her. She usually says "okay mom" and does what I ask, the first time I ask it and often before I ask.

I think dd's 2 and 3 switched bodies this morning.

dd3 was up first, without being called and dd2 had to be called twice. dd3 ate her breakfast without examining it or complaining. dd2 had to be reminded twice that it was her favorite. dd3 brushed her teeth and was dressed 20 minutes early, dd2 was having a meltdown 5 minutes after they were supposed to be out the door.

I thought to myself, watching her, that she must not be feeling well.Sure enough, not a half hour later the school called, she wanted to come home. She's sleeping now, and this is my kid that gave up naps at 2.

See, a mother always knows.

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