Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Digital Media and hairballs...

You know, I started to blog this yesterday afternoon, when I was finished my first set of rounds for the day, and I was all full of ambition. I was going to blog about digital media, about how much I love it and why.

I was going to discuss the joy of eBooks and how instant access gives me a rush. I adore that I can have a book in my greedy little hands in under a minute, even at 12:17 am when I'm looking pretty scary. Which was the time on the clock last night when I, complete with freshly washed and rolled hair, downloaded one of the recent Spice Briefs. Boy what a sexy picture that was...

I was going to discuss the freedom that AudioBooks afford me when I often get too busy to read otherwise. How else could I get to read a couple of chapters this morning while folding laundry? Or hear a few more tomorrow evening while I'm sewing part of my fairy costume for RT. Try holding a book and doing that...

I was going to talk about Podcasts, like this month's featured podcast on one of my favorite authors, Susan Wiggs. I admit it, I'm something of a nerd, and the information in the podcasts fuel my need to learn. It's just a bonus that it's new and fascinating things.

But then, yep, life happened... My phone started ringing, and my inbox started filling, and my gorgeous long haired fur baby had a couple of hairball attacks (bleck) and my teenager is off her regular school schedule this week because of exams and boy was she feeling yappy. What kind of mom would I be if I told her to get lost when she actually wanted to spend time with me... And apparently she was contagious because my hubby called at least 4 times... and my mom called, and my 3yo niece insisted on talking to me twice... and the day progressed from there.
Needless to say I didn't get around to posting my blog about digital media until last last night, it was past my bedtime.

So I took my handy little pda and go crawl into bed beside the sleeping, snoring blanket thief and read a short story before sleep claimed me.

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